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Ordinary moments others might easily dismiss halt my stride and call on me to take a second look. For me, this is the embodiment of what makes me an artist and why photography is so important to me. Whether framed by a pen or a camera lens, I am always in pursuit of the poetic image.


Poet Veronica Volkow said of Photographer Graciela Iturbide that “Photographers are wanderers, travelers, and explorers, searching-in the deserts, the villages, on the roads, in people's faces- for the poetic image, the image that freezes us in time, that suspends our scrutiny of something outside us and starts us questioning what is within, that starts us seeing in a new way.” Photography and poetry are similar in what they ask of an artist and audience. For me, it is to be vulnerable, to be susceptible to the moments of inspiration where I pause to consider, where I look a second time at what others might easily walk past or be too uncomfortable to discuss. I am always writing poems with my eyes, through the lens of my camera. Photography is not a pivot in medium for me, but rather a seamless evolution of my artistic expression.

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